Mary Christina Brown is not your average downtown Angeleno. Point in fact, her years have culminated her into a genuine, experienced and versatile acting talent with an eclectic ethnic background that epitomizes the recognition of American diversity. Her father's mixture of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Dutch heritage, coupled with her mother's blend of South Korean and Japanese ethnicities along with her stepmother's own Filipino, Chinese and Spanish influences, indeed creates Brown's dynamically alluring screen presence of worldly culture and class.

Gracefully educated with foundational values of the ethnic spectrum, Mary Christina has proven herself to be a professional cultural chameleon. With transient beginnings common to being born into a military family, her nationally traveling tribe eventually settled in San Francisco. Raised in a talented warrior home, passion for the arts was inevitable from the age of seven, forseeing a journey that would enact her vocation in acting, voice, dance, martial arts, and performing on stage throughout San Francisco, as well as booking commercials and modeling for print ad campaigns.

Identity discovery in her early teen years revealed an inherent competitive drive, advancing her interest in a wide range of martial arts styles to date. She definitely didn't stop there either, eventually adding theater, classical vocal and instrumental training, as well as professional dance host to styles such as tap, jazz, modern, ballet, hip-hop, traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian.

Mary Christina's late and post-teen years saw further evolution performing on stages around San Francisco and attended a raft of performing art schools (Young People's Musical Theater Company, A.C.T. Conservatory, School of the Arts High School and Bennett Theatre Lab, to name a few). Her creative path became clearer to a full commitment, visions of performing on Broadway were within a reachable distance. Ultimate, life had an alternative plan and the blessing of motherhood arrived sooner with the arrival of her beautiful daughter, Isabelle, and with it, a surge forward in dynamic professional action beyond previous-set goals.

Mary Christina revisited her experience and education in Silicon Valley's growing Information Technology field. Albeit successful and professionally stable, her passion rested with performing and through the strength and support of her family, she relocated to Los Angeles to explore the entertainment opportunities. Knowing the struggle of family, auditions, sustainable employment, and maintaining marketable proficiency of her performance and martial arts training, she persisted.

Seasoned from balancing between motherhood and corporate success, she reclaimed her performance stride cutting her teeth on BOTH sides of the camera. Her career progression has since landed her next to the likes of The Walking Dead headliner Norman Reedus, martial arts action star Michael Jai White, Bokeem Woodbine, John David Washington, Luke Goss, Russell Crowe, Steven Bauer, Paul Sloan, music and movie multi-hyphenate RZA, Corin Nemic, Udo Kier, Julian Sands, Peter Greene, and the late film and television legend David Carradine.

Her film and TV roles invoke a wide range of depth and scope in her acting caliber with select credits such as that of undercover agent Monica in AWOL 72 (2015), Barrington's Henchwoman Swan in the HBO Film Vigilante Diaries (2016), Fasma, a Special Forces soldier in the SyFy television feature thriller, MindBlown (2016) and as Kana, a Yakuza hitwoman whose centuries-old Samurai lineage has since destined her with a longstanding duty to protect the world from the evil power of the sought after Japanese doomsday stone in SyFy / Lionsgate Doomsday Device (2017) (a.k.a. Pandora's Box). Collectively, along with characters such as that of a henchwoman, raver, courtesan, martial arts master, troubled mother and burlesque dancer, that very depth and scope she has earned, in part, hails from playing roles normally meant for men (i.e., special-ops soldier, enigmatic minimalist vengeful swordswoman, international undercover special agent, lieutenant).

On social media, she maintains a fan following via Instagram at @themarychristinabrown with posts that gravitate audiences, aiming to not only interact, but to motivate as well as inspire.

More than the average face, set of legs and perfunctory memes popular in today's societal currents, Mary Christina is as real as real gets, and the quintessential sum of her life story. She's far from intangible and materialistic in her day-to-day life with a proven acumen for health and concerns for today's important issues, valuing insight in all things healthy for one's own growth on a spiritual and humanistic level.

She's a mother, an animal lover, a daughter, a friend and confidant to a deserving few, and a progressive, motivational figure to many. Her craft is further amplified by all aforementioned, having attained an array of values and qualities that deem her vital to any director or showrunner in search of a diverse, professional, mature, and organic performer - all of which she provenly, and continually demonstrates time and again.

Mary Christina Brown lives in the bustling concrete jungle of downtown Los Angeles where she practices yoga, dance, voice, fight choreography, and trains in an increasing repertoire of martial arts styles, and enjoys horseback riding and the great outdoors. 

Mary Christina Brown is an American actress currently living in Downtown Los Angeles | Travels to San Francisco, New York, & Asia.